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Pneumatic Roller Vibrators

Despite its simple design, this compact pneumatic roller vibrator is capable of generating very large centrifugal forces.

Product Consumption L/min Sound level dB Frequency (HZ) Power (N) Amount Quote


250 86 16 2.91

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200 88 17 1.69

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325 88 15 4.74

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550 89 14 7.85

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850 87 10 9.73

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Most important features:

  • Large vibration (centrifugal) force
  • Compact installation options and easy to install
  • Maintenance free
  • Suitable for oil-containing and oil-free compressed air
  • Explosion proof
  • Infinitely variable by adjusting the compressed air pressure

A hardened steel ring is placed in the aluminum housing in which a ground steel roller is blown around by means of compressed air. The centrifugal force that is generated here depends on the weight of the roller and the diameter of the hardened ring. Characteristic of these vibrators are the large vibration force and frequency.


They can be used wherever bulk material must be or remain in motion, to prevent bridge or tunnel formation. Pneumatic roller vibrators are particularly suitable for preventing fouling and adhesion on silo walls and pipes, or as a drive for your vibrating or sliding chute, sieve or vibrating table. An important feature is that these vibrators are completely closed and maintenance-free. They can therefore be used perfectly in a polluted or polluted environment, but also in ‘closed’ areas such as in the food industry. Due to the return waste of the air, rotary pneumatic roller vibrators are also suitable for use in a sterile working environment.

Pneumatic Roller Vibrators

Pneumatic ball vibrators transmit a rotating vibration to goods. The vibration is generated by a roller that creates an epicyclic movement in a steel path. This ensures that dust or granulates can flow through properly. A pneumatic roller vibrator can be used for emptying silos, driving gutters or vibrating bulk goods. We are happy to advise you on the applicability of our various pneumatic roller vibrators.

Use pneumatic roller vibrators

The pneumatic roller vibrators are very user-friendly and prevent bridge or tunnel formation. Inside the pneumatic roller vibrator is a roller that rotates inside due to the vibration. This vibration can be used for emptying silos, transport simulation or driving gutters.

Applicability in various industries

The pneumatic roller vibrators are easy to mount on various machines and devices. Think of silos or bunkers in various industries, including the aqua industry, the food industry, the waste processing industry and the pharmaceutical industry. Would you like more information about this? Please feel free to contact us. Our experts are happy to assist you.

Using pneumatic roller vibrators

Pneumatic roller vibrators are used to improve the flow of various goods. In addition, the vibration technique eliminates blocking problems during the separation, transport and unblocking of goods. The pneumatic roller vibrators are also extremely suitable for use in humid or explosive environments and the device requires little maintenance.

Buy pneumatic ball vibrators at Wilde Vibration Technology

Have you got a good idea of ​​the role of vibrators or would you like more information about the applicability within your field of work? We are happy to advise you and provide you with clear information. We have been a reliable supplier of vibration technical equipment for years. We look for the most efficient production possible, whereby the quality of the product comes first. For example, we can offer a wide range of pneumatic roller vibrators at attractive prices.