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Who we are

De Wilde Triltechniek, previously known as GIPA Triltechniek, has been a reliable supplier of vibration equipment for industry for many years and has extensive experience in the design and production of pneumatic vibrators, bunker knockers and other vibration equipment and components.

Thanks to ‘living under one roof’ with Machinefabriek De Wilde, the products come almost entirely from our own house, with a focus on high-quality production that is as efficient as possible. Partly because of this, we have a very large stock of the various products in our range and we have very attractive prices financially.

Our markets

Boththe vibrators and the bunker knockers have a versatile field of application. They are used, for example, in the food and concrete industries. But our components have also been used in an amusement park attraction and as a test set-up for transport simulation to test the influence of this on packaging and associated products.

What and why

Our products can be used, among other things, to improve the flow of bulk material. One of the trickiest and most common problems during the processing and storage of bulk solids is bridge or tunnel formation. The vibrating components of De Wilde Triltechniek can be easily mounted on silos or bunkers in order to keep the outflow going. Another common application is the drive of vibrating troughs, vibrating pipes, vibrating screens or other vibrating devices.

To improve your processes, we supply linear and rotary pneumatic vibrators, among other things. These can be used for, among other things, the transport, dosing, sieving, compaction and loosening of bulk goods. We also supply various rotating vibrators. These are cheaper, but have the minor disadvantage that they produce more noise and have a higher air consumption.

Then there are the bunker knockers. A bunker knocker replaces an ordinary or pneumatic hammer and gives an (adjustable) blow against a silo wall or bunker outlet to improve the outflow of bulk material.