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Stainless steel linear vibrators small

This vibrator is a small linear vibrator and equal to our small linear vibrator LK, but in stainless steel version.

The smallest linear vibrator produced by De Wilde Triltechniek has a hardened piston that moves by means of compressed air in a stainless steel housing. This housing is provided with a special surface treatment, which further reduces the frictional resistance and makes extra lubrication unnecessary.

Product Consumption L/min Sound level dB Frequency (HZ) Power (N) Amount Quote

LK 25-25-SS

5,0 60 60 369

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Most important features:

  • Easy to assemble
  • Maintenance free
  • Frequency and amplitude infinitely adjustable
  • Explosion proof
  • Suitable for oil-containing and oil-free compressed air
  • Compact installation options

One of the main advantages of these linear or piston vibrators is that both the frequency and the amplitude can be steplessly controlled independently of each other over practically the entire range. The linear vibrators from the LK series have a high efficiency against low air consumption and noise level. Piston vibrators, in contrast to rotary vibrators, do not have a ramp-up time and are suitable for pulsating operation.

Due to the special surface treatment, the LK vibrators are rustproof and resistant to most cleaning agents.


The vibrators are very suitable for driving small vibrating troughs, sieves and vibrating tables or for mounting on small silos or funnels for an optimal outflow of your bulk material. Other possible applications include compacting bulk solids in packaging, dosing, sorting, separating or mixing, orienting, deaerating, unblocking, and so on.